Re: networkmanager possibly misses udev add events occasionally

2017-01-10 16:39 GMT+02:00 Thomas Haller <thaller redhat com>:
> Only following two lines related to eth0/ethernet are present in
> journal when problem hits:
> Jan 10 15:04:31 cpr3 kernel[437]: [    1.061954] cpsw
> 4a100000.ethernet: Detected MACID = 50:72:24:bf:89:f0
> Jan 10 15:04:31 cpr3 kernel[437]: [    1.068965] cpsw
> 4a100000.ethernet: cpts: overflow check period 850


Could you enable debug-logging of NetworkManager and provide full logs?
Ok, I'll try doing that tomorrow

> What else/where could I check check?
> I'm running linux kernel version 4.4/networkmanager 1.0.10 on am335x
> based board.

1.0 is painfully old. I would test with 1.4.
My NM is coming from Yocto/Poky distribution. One of the layers I need is released once a year on June, so, usually I need to be synchronized to it. Other layers are usually released twice a year. That is also true with OpenEmbedded layers that releases NM for Yocto project. Latest NM stable release from OE is 1.0.12, not that new either. NM release from OE Master branch seems to be 1.4.2. I could try how that recipe compiles. I don't have too good experiences trying newer NM releases than what layer release provides. I suppose it was 0.9.x..->1.0.x. That just had too hard dependencies for that layer release.

I'll try first with more logging, if that reveals something new.

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