Re: networkmanager possibly misses udev add events occasionally

On Tue, 2017-01-10 at 15:59 +0200, matti kaasinen wrote:
I have faced with a problem that eth0 is not initialized always at
boot. I have traced the problem and now it seems that networkmanager
(possibly??) ignores/does not notice udev add events.
Ifconfig reports then only lo interface that is coming from

Only following two lines related to eth0/ethernet are present in
journal when problem hits:
Jan 10 15:04:31 cpr3 kernel[437]: [    1.061954] cpsw
4a100000.ethernet: Detected MACID = 50:72:24:bf:89:f0
Jan 10 15:04:31 cpr3 kernel[437]: [    1.068965] cpsw
4a100000.ethernet: cpts: overflow check period 850


Could you enable debug-logging of NetworkManager and provide full logs?

What else/where could I check check?

I'm running linux kernel version 4.4/networkmanager 1.0.10 on am335x
based board.

1.0 is painfully old. I would test with 1.4.

Sorry, no better ideas at the moment. More logs.


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