Re: Searching for documentation how to add an interface to a bridge via DBus API


So I found the settings.connection interface and can delete a existing
ethernet <=> bridge connection.

So adding a connection is probably what I want.

Is it sufficient to create a dict with e.g. "id"=>"eth0" and "master"=>"br0" to
create a connection of the ethernet device eth0 to the bridge br0?

Or what settings do I need to serve?


Am Donnerstag, den 07.12.2017, 13:44 +0000 schrieb
thilo cestonaro ts fujitsu com:
Hi all!

I'm trying to add an ethernet device to a bridge via DBus API. 

gdbus-codegen generated me three functions for a bridge device:


get_slaves and dup_slaves working well. But set_slaves don't, as the slave-
property is readonly.

My question is, how can I add an interface to a bridge via DBus API. I could
find an hint anywhere or I didn't understand it to an hint :).

Could someone point me please in the right direction?


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