[PATCH][RFC] Port NetworkManager to meson

Hi all,

Since the last message I've been working on porting NetworkManager to
meson. Due to the size of NetworkManger code base, the port is quite
complex and there is still much to do, but almost the entire source
code can be now built using meson. I'll continue working on this but
I'm releasing it for any comment or suggestion that may help.

This is the list of things to do:

- Revise the entire meson build port: Mainly clean it, which might
also result in some improvements.
- Update the scripts/tools: There are several scripts which rely on
autotools files. For example the `generate-plugin-docs.pl` parses the
`Makefile.am` file, or the `generate-setting-docs.py` uses the
`LD_LIBRARY_PATH`, pointing to the libtool's `.libs` directory. These
should be modified somehow to be agnostic to the build system.
- Tests: Almost all of them are successful. There is one in
`libnm-util` that depends on the location of another test. It expects
the test to be located in the same directory, and fails because it
can't find it. This can be easily fixed.
- VAPI generation: it is still missing. I had a stupid issue with GIR
files generation and it has delayed this.
- Documentation generation: libnm and libnm-util documentations are
fine. There is a minor issue with libnm-glib due to two unresolved
symbols, which I would like to give another try. The `api`
documentation generation is still broken.
- Implement missing checks for libraries: There are some missing
checks for libraries, which includes for example a `set_sanitizer_env`
"macro" which has not been replaced yet.
- Sync it with the last upstream changes.

Although I'm sending a single sole patch, the work consists of
different commits. However, I've been using these commits as
intermediate points to store the progress made and not actually as
real commits. I've been uploading the changes to a personal repository
in the GNOME's new GitLab instance[0], so you can find the complete
history[1] there.

Any comments would be really appreciated,

Best regards,

[0] https://gitlab.gnome.org/inigomartinez/NetworkManager
[1] https://gitlab.gnome.org/inigomartinez/NetworkManager/commits/meson

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