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On Wed, 2016-10-05 at 15:10 -0500, Greg Oliver wrote:

I cannot remember the last networkManager this worked in (GUI), but I
am trying to add static routes for VPN connections and it no longer
takes interfaces as gateways.  Not knowing the IP of the gateway
until connection, what is the proper procedure for adding static
routes to VPN interfaces so "Only resources on these networks" works?

Amyone know?

 It is a pain to manually add them with IP after connecting each
time.  I must be missing something - I cannot imagine the developers
taking out the ability to use tun0 or ppp0 as a gateway (although it
seems that way)  :-/


I don't think it was ever possible in NM to specify a special gateway
that translates to the dynamically received address.
-- that is, openvpn understands special gateways "vpn_gateway" or
"net_gateway". NetworkManager does not, and didn't in the past either.

When configuring routes in general (be it using iproute2 or by adding a
static route in NetworkManager), you can specify as gateway
That means, the destination is directly reachable in the network, not
via a gateway. is a valid and common gateway setting, both for NetworkManager,
kernel and iproute2.
Note, if you do
  ip route add dev tun0
it is mostly the same as configuring a gateway on tun0 device.

It really depends on the details of your setup, but for example if you
are using openvpn with a tun device, there is only IP routing involved.
In such a setup, the gateway address that you configure for your
routes, is only used on your machine to find the proper destination.
Once you send the IP package over the VPN tunnel, the gateway is no
longer part of the package (and the other side wouldn't care about the
gateway address).
In such a setup the actual address doesn't matter. should work
just fine.

With openvpn and a tap device, this might be different.

short answer: try


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