Re: How to activate MAC address randomization?

So, you had the right version of wpa-supplicant but it didn't work?
Could you send a logfile of NM with TRACE logging enabled? 

It looks like the logging level is set to info by default.
As a side comment, If I use the "unsupported" wpa_supplicant version
the last stable), I cannot connect to the SSID if I ask for
randomization (always) and I have this error: "active connection
before it was initialized". Of course, this doesn't happen if I build
wpa_supplicant from their master branch.
that would be expected, no?

Yes, absolutely. It was just a comment to show that the master version
shows a different behavior, which is a positive signal.

You should also see a message in the logfile:
"Activation: (wifi) couldn't build wireless configuration: 802-11-
wireless: cannot enable mac-randomization due to missing supplicant
This is is what I get on Fedora 23.

I have the same.

I dumped the useful journalctl part here:

my config (just for info)


Fran├žois Boulogne.
GPG: 32D5F22F

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