Re: How to activate MAC address randomization?


I also tried on my side and it didn't work. Here are the details. I'm using
archlinux and I compiled wpa_supplicant from git (cloned today). I'm using
networkmanager 1.2.2.

In /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf, I turned the options (mac_addr
(x2) and preassoc_mac_addr) to 1 or 2.
For my SSID, /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/TNCAP1CA11F, I put
mac-address-randomization=2 (I also empty mac-address at some point).

Then, I reload: systemctl reload wpa_supplicant && systemctl reload

Simultaneously, I used

watch ip addr show  wlp3s0

to check the MAC address. I noticed that a first address (different to the
physical one) was attributed but before the connection was established. And
then, a second one corresponding to the physical one was used to establish
the connection. Looking at journalctl -xn confirmed what I saw.

I checked with 
nmcli connection show TNCAP1CA11F
that the random field (802-11-wireless.mac-address-randomization) was on

I noticed that if I added a section [connection] in
/etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf with
wifi.mac-address-randomization=1 and in
/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/TNCAP1CA11F, I put
mac-address-randomization=1, nmcli connection show TNCAP1CA11F was on "never".

I'm puzzled with this. I have no clue where I can be wrong. The doc of both
projects didn't help me much on that. I also tried different combinations of
option, without any success. Any thought?

Thank you.

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