Re: How to activate MAC address randomization?

Hi Thomas,
Oh, I didn't actually test mac-addr-randomization myself :)
I am definitely interested whether it works for you (but I still expect
it works, if wpa-supplicant has support).

I made further test with another computer, but same OS. I got the same
behavior, ie I couldn't randomize my mac address.
That was the occasion to build against a more recent master version of

As a side comment, If I use the "unsupported" wpa_supplicant version (ie
the last stable), I cannot connect to the SSID if I ask for
randomization (always) and I have this error: "active connection removed
before it was initialized". Of course, this doesn't happen if I build
wpa_supplicant from their master branch.

If anybody has a chance to test this, I would be happy to hear about it,
or if you have ideas/instructions to get a better understanding.



Fran├žois Boulogne.
GPG: 32D5F22F

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