Re: on nmcli improvements or needs of improvement

On 18/05/2016 00:33, Xen wrote:
Francesco Giudici schreef op 17-05-2016 23:39:
1. Create a menu based (nCurses) interface

Hi Xen,
  thanks for sharing your thoughts, we are always glad to receive advice
on how to improve NetworkManager and make it more user friendly.

There is already a nCurses interface to NM: nmtui (please, give it a try!).
We found from the survey that only few know this tool but many of them
love it: this caught our attention and we are going to pay much more
attention to nmtui.

At the same time, we realized that nmcli should become easier to use and
more intuitive.
We want to preserve backwards compatibility to avoid breaking scripts
which make use of it, but this would not stop us from adding new
ways to do configurations in a more quick and intuitive manner.

Summing up, our commitment is to pay more attention to nmtui and make
nmcli more user-friendly.

Thank you


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