on nmcli improvements or needs of improvement

Francesco Giudici schreef op 17-05-2016 23:39:
a couple of months ago we launched the survey on NetworkManager usage.
We want to share a short summary of the main outcomes:

It is also available in pdf format if you prefer:

We received 1318 responses, many with comments and advice that we'll
consider for future NetworkManager versions.

Amazing that you have done such a detailed survey. I'm sorry I wasn't there to contribute :p.

I feel the nmcli improvements that you reference in the document do not amount to much.

I'm not sure if you are out for hearing an opinion, but.....

You state that your goal is to retain backwards compatibility.

But just as with Git (...) this primarily means you cannot improve or revamp the command (verb) structure and I think the verbs are just very hard to use.

I feel, if anything, if you wanted to improve the current command based interface, you would have to do the following:

1. Create a menu based (nCurses) interface
2. It doesn't have to be graphical, it is just about the structure
3. Perfect the menu structure to the point where it actually works really well
4. Use the new menu to inform or inspire the current command structure.

Since your current command structure is hard to change without good reason, you would have to get some form of proof that something else can be better.

Now since the menu interface would at once be easy to make (without graphics) and no one is actually using it yet, it is a new thing, you are free to do with it whatever you want. A menu is something that displays common and possible options you can use, at all times.

That means you can use it to complement nmcli while you are developing it, in fact, you can execute or effectuate its commands using or through the existing nmcli (that you are familiar with).

In this sense you can create something that will
a. never be used by scripts
b. be allowed to morph into perfection
c. reveal the perfect interface you really want nmcli to have.

If you find that your menu interface starts to differ from what nmcli offers (even though they might or need to be the same) you will realize that that new thing you choose is going to be better or more intuitive, and hence, eventually you might find a solid reason to change the same in nmcli as well.

If you still need to.

But this time you will have proof of concept and you are not just 'randomly' changing things based on your current ideas.

Just my thoughts.


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