Re: [PATCH 1/1] logging: change logging format to drop "[file:line] func():" part

On Thu, Feb 25, 2016, at 11:21 AM, Thomas Haller wrote:
Choose a new logging format.

- the logging format must not be configurable and it must be the
  same for all backends. It is neat that journal supports additional
  fields, but an average user still posts the output of plain
  journalctl, without "--output verbose" (which would also be hard
  to read).
  Also, we get used to a certain logging format, so having different
  formats is confusing. If one format is better then another, it should
  be used for all backends: syslog, journal and debug.
  The only question is, what is the best format.

Not sure I'd agree with that.  Personally when I'm trying to debug/administrate a system and look at 
`journalctl` I find it rather annoying when a lot of space is taken up by programs redundantly adding things 
like timestamp, log level, program name etc to the text, when the journal is recording all of that anyways.

Probably journalctl could learn --output longer or something which would include say CODE_FILE and CODE_LINE 
but not all of the redundant stuff like BOOT_ID.

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