Re: problems with updating ipv4 settings over dbus

On Mon, 2016-12-19 at 18:49 +0200, matti kaasinen wrote:
Thanks Beniamino for your answer, Actually I noticed that None
signature and tried fixing it like you suggested without any luck.
Error message I discussed in my previous message was coming from
statements that had proper signatures. It seems that there is bug in
NM 1.0.10 related to this 'address-data' property. It can't be
present when settings are updated. Update succeeds if I have
'addresses' property present (what previous error message suggests)
and deleting "address-data" property from settings read with
.GetSettings() method. 

Actually now the procedure is similar as it used to be in NM
with the exception of deleting "adderss-data" property from settings.
Procedure did not work after updating from NM to NM 1.0.10
and I made a wrong assumption that "addresses" property had become
from "deprecated" to "obsolete".

We "deprecate" properties, but they are supposed to continue to work
indefinitely. As much as possible, deprecated properties are not
removed and continue to work with future versions.
Of course, you are encouraged not to use them anymore!

"address-data" is a replacement for deprecated "addresses". It supports
additional options that cannot be expressed in "addresses". If you
don't need those, in principle it's fine to use "addresses". But better
don't :)

"address-data" was introduced by
and is in 1.0.0 release (or newer).

I certainly would expect that what you did works. I don't know why it


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