Re: problems with updating ipv4 settings over dbus

On Mon, Dec 19, 2016 at 11:15:59AM +0200, matti kaasinen wrote:

'ipv4' dictionary before update printed below:
{u'address-data': dbus.Array([dbus.Dictionary({'prefix': dbus.UInt32(22L),
'address': ''}, signature=None)],
signature=dbus.Signature('a{sv}')), u'method': 'manual'}

According to the documentation [1] of the 'signature' parameter of the
Dictionary class:

  "If it is None (the default), when the Dictionary is sent over
   D-Bus, the key and value signatures will be guessed from an
   arbitrary element of the Dictionary."

Probably here it's guessing the type from the first element. Can you
try if appending a 'signature=dbus.Signature("sv"))' argument to the
Dictionary constructor fixes the problem?



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