Re: I would like to call attention to a documentation bug that only the Application developers will be able to remedy/close.

On Fri, 2016-12-09 at 11:55 -0500, Calvin Arndt wrote:
First a caveat...
My system is an Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop system.
I use it for daily management of a 54 device network
of Windows PC's (10), cameras (9), scales (4), Linux DVR's (2)
  CentOS Pos system and many other Iot type stuff.
My system functions as the network router, firewall, Wifi access
caching dns server, as well as serving all my admin needs (email,
document writing
web research and more). It supplies the tunnelled components
that are remotely critical to our operation via ssh tunnels (using
autossh for permanence).
This is where Ubuntu has always shined for me! Ubuntu and
NetworkManager have always
been well up to the task of providing this functionality! So firstly
Thanks for your efforts.
The snag that I continuously run into when setting up systems like
this one is this...
The documentation for NetworkManager doesn't go into detail about
dnsmasq. It's uses
and configuration, while not under the scope of NetworkManager
documentation, are
critical to the operation of a system like mine. So why bother you
To get my system and all its quirks configured, I have to do two
things. Wait for NetworkManager to finish
configuration of the basic interfaces on my machine. Kill the dnsmasq
daemon that NetworkManager leaves
laying around then start my own custom configuration of dnsmasq.
I don't like killing daemons on any system, but it is what I have to
do. No amount of tinkering has lead me
to any other solution.  Two things play into this, in my mind. First,
the simple fact that I can kill NetworkManager's
dnsmasq daemon (ie NetworkManager doesn't notice and restart dnsmasq)
makes me wonder why it is started
with the (hard coded???) option --keep-in-foreground anyway. Second,
also apparently hard coded, is the --cache-size=0.
which as I understand it tells dnsmasq not to cache dns requests.
The documentation really falls short here. No mention of dns caching,
no mention of the proper way to use dnsmasq's
many many other talent's without interrupting/destroying
NetworkManager. We all can see that NetworkManager has
given us some wiggle room in configuring dnsmasq (ie.
/etc/NetworkManager/dnsmasq.d) but without anything in the
about common usage of this we are left to endless hours of google
searching of trial and error scenarios! Minimally something ought to
be said
about the seemingly hard coded options NetworkManager starts dnsmasq
with. Some discussion of NetworkManager design philosophy would be
Again, thanks for your time and consideration of these issues!


using dnsmasq via NetworkManager is supposed to give you a solution
that just works, without much configuration (or documentation).

It's not supposed to allow you to configure dnsmasq with all options
that dnsmasq understands. If you want that, use dnsmasq directly, not
via NetworkManager.

It's also not supposed to be the most flexible DNS solution, but a
simple one that works in many cases. Again, maybe systemd-resolved
could be that. Or of course, running your local caching DNS server

See `man NetworkManager.conf` for main.dns and main.rc-manager

You are also not supposed to kill processes started by NetworkManager.
If you really want to forcefully restart the DNS plugin, `killall -HUP
NetworkManager`. If you have any issues that really require killing the
DNS plugin, it's a bug.

NM runs dnsmasq with --keep-in-foreground, because it started and
watches the dnsmasq process. This avoid for dnsmasq to double-fork,
which would prevent NetworkManager to notice when the dnsmasq process
exits. It very much notices when you kill the process, but it doesn't
restart it on purpose (at least not right away, only after the next DNS
update happens).


On 12/09/2016 05:13, Thomas Haller wrote:
On Wed, 2016-12-07 at 14:47 -0500, Calvin Arndt wrote:
NetworkManager documentation does not document proper way to use
different tools for dns /dhcp management. This additional
documentation will need to be written by someone who develops
this package. Its the philosophy behind the software that must be


your request is not very specific.

Are you looking at any specific documentation that you think is
lacking? Which documentation, and how precisely is it lacking?

Or were you unable to find any relevant documentation? For what
exactly? "dns/dhcp management" is not very clear what you want to


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