Re: NetworkManager doesn't "Connect automatically"

On Mon, 2016-12-12 at 22:51 -0800, Chris Marusich wrote:


* If I check the "Make available to other users" check-box, then
  NetworkManager DOES automatically connect to my wireless network.
  However, my understanding is that this is only a workaround, and
  in fact NetworkManager should automatically connect when "Connect
  automatically" is checked and "Make available to other users" is
  checked.  Please correct me if I'm mistaken.

This restricts the connection to a certain user, determined by the
connection.permissions property (see `nmcli connection show $NAME`
and `man nm-settings`).

This makes the connection only available, when a session for that user
exists. Is that user logged-in?

Did you build NetworkManager yourself? Is session-tracking properly
enabled to use systemd-logind or consolekit.

Starting NetworkManager with --debug is usually not that useful. The
most interesting thing it does is to turn on debug-logging, which you
can do  otherwise [1].



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