Re: IPv6 with DHCP -- how is default route set?

On 10/20/2015 02:28 PM, Eloy Paris wrote:
Are these delays normal; do they depend on the frequency of router advertisements? If so, can NM not elicit a router advertisements by sending a router solicitation? If that is what is supposed to happen then I don't understand the delays. In contrast, IPv4 configuration is immediate.
Part of the problem is NM groups together route discovery and SLAAC,
this makes it unusable for us in our ipv6 only clusters. I'm in
the process of fixing this now so you can still have proper route
discovery and use dhcpv6 or static addressing and then you'll get the
immediate ipv6 configuration. Thanks,
That'd be nice; I look forward to this in a future NM release.
I just set radvd frequency to 10 secs. Still not "instant", but fast enough for government work, and not too much overhead.

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