Re: IPv6 with DHCP -- how is default route set?

On Tue, Oct 20, 2015 at 08:26:42PM +0300, Andrei Borzenkov wrote:

20.10.2015 19:37, Eloy Paris пишет:

I realize now that it is not that nothing happened but that things took
a long time (a couple of minutes) to happen -- first, there was a delay
to get an IPv6 address, and then there was a delay (after the interface
had a global IPv6 address) to see the default route installed.

Are these delays normal; do they depend on the frequency of router
advertisements? If so, can NM not elicit a router advertisements by
sending a router solicitation? If that is what is supposed to happen
then I don't understand the delays. In contrast, IPv4 configuration is

                     The maximum time allowed between sending
                     unsolicited multicast Router Advertisements from
                     the interface, in seconds.  MUST be no less than 4
                     seconds and no greater than 1800 seconds.

                     Default: 600 seconds

Routers are expected to send advertisements in random intervals
between minimal and maximal interval, in the worst case you may have
30 minutes ...

Thanks Andrei.

We must not be doing something right because it is not reasonable to
have to wait more than a few seconds for IPv6 networking to be fully

Do we not send router solicitation messages to avoid having to wait for
the next router advertisement message, which could happen who knows


Eloy Paris.-

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