Re: IPv6 with DHCP -- how is default route set?

20.10.2015 19:37, Eloy Paris пишет:

I realize now that it is not that nothing happened but that things took
a long time (a couple of minutes) to happen -- first, there was a delay
to get an IPv6 address, and then there was a delay (after the interface
had a global IPv6 address) to see the default route installed.

Are these delays normal; do they depend on the frequency of router
advertisements? If so, can NM not elicit a router advertisements by
sending a router solicitation? If that is what is supposed to happen
then I don't understand the delays. In contrast, IPv4 configuration is

                     The maximum time allowed between sending
                     unsolicited multicast Router Advertisements from
                     the interface, in seconds.  MUST be no less than 4
                     seconds and no greater than 1800 seconds.

                     Default: 600 seconds

Routers are expected to send advertisements in random intervals between minimal and maximal interval, in the worst case you may have 30 minutes ...

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