Re: Network Manager and netns


On Wed, 2015-09-30 at 10:42 +0200, Guy Godfroy wrote:

My idea is to allow regular users to establish VPN tunnels on
network namespaces (netns) via nscli command.
So I wonder if network-manager can handle several namespaces and how.

No. We should probably have a proper netns one day, but we're not there

If not, a solution would be to launch one network-manager instance
netns. But I don't know how to tell to nmcli which instance of
network-manager to refer to.

If a system dbus is available, NetworkManager acquires a name on a
system bus and nmcli uses the system bus to talk to it. If there's no
system bus a private socket is used. For your namespaced NetworkManager
instances you probably want to go with the second option.

Therefore, in addition to net ns you need to create a separate mount ns
and mount a private /run instance. That would shadow the system-wide
dbus socket and NM will use its private socket there. Then just run
nmcli in the same mount namespace as the daemon.

Is there a better solution?
Thanks for your attention.

Guy Godfroy


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