Re: ANN: NetworkManager 1.0.8 released

On Wed, 2015-11-25 at 02:46 +0100, Michael Biebl wrote:

Am 23.11.2015 um 18:20 schrieb Lubomir Rintel:
I'm pleased to announce the release of NetworkManager 1.0.8, the
latest stable release in the 1.0.x series. We recommend that users
of 1.0.x series as well as users of older 0.9.10.x series upgrade
this release which is D-Bus and C API backwards compatible.

I notice that a new header was added

This header is used in
/usr/include/libnm/nm-version.h:#include <nm-version-macros.h>

The libnm.pc file doesn't add add /usr/include/NetworkManager
to its include path, so this looks like it might be broken.

Hi Michael,

This seems correct and as intended to me.

Since 1.0 there are two libraries:

(A) libnm-glib: existed from pre-1.0 time and is considered legacy.
    It is actually is split in several parts:
       NetworkManager.pc (headers in /usr/include/NetworkManager)
       libnm-util.pc (headers in /usr/include/NetworkManager)
       libnm-glib.pc (headers in /usr/include/libnm-glib)
       libnm-glib-vpn.pc (headers in /usr/include/libnm-glib)

(B) libnm: a new version to replace the above. Note that
    it merges the parts togther to one:
       libnm.pc (headers in /usr/include/libnm).

These libraries are independent, especially libnm must not use any
headers from libnm-glib.
E.g. the file nm-version-macros.h is present twice:
  (α) /usr/include/NetworkManager/nm-version-macros.h
  (β) /usr/include/libnm/nm-version-macros.h

(don't you get nm-version-macros.h installed in both places? That would
be a bug).

In Fedora we package the two libraries are separate packages:
  (a) NetworkManager-glib,
  (b) NetworkManager-libnm

one day, we hope to entirely drop the legacy libraries (a).

Shouldn't libnm.pc have
Requires: NetworkManager >= 1.0.8

Yeah maybe, I dunno. Lubomir?


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