Re: Why is NM preferring wwan over wifi?

On So, 2015-06-14 at 10:10 +0200, Tore Anderson wrote:
I've noticed that a default route on a wifi network is assigned a
default metric of 600, while a default route on a wwan connection 
a default metric of 450.

The effect of this is that the host will prefer to use wwan over wifi
when both are enabled. That's the exact opposite of what I'd expect
(based on precedent set by pretty much every smart-phone in the 

While I can easily set different route-metrics on the connections in
question, I'm just wondering whether or not this order of preference 
really intentional?

IIRC, dcbw said, the idea is that you connected to wwan intentionally.
wwan might be metered and you would only connect to it if you want to
use it. Maybe that reasoning was better years ago then nowadays.
It is unexpected for me too.

On master you can also drop a configuration snippet:


Curiously enough, when both wifi and wwan are connected, the
nm-applet's systray will display the wifi icon (not the wwan one with
the little antenna), tricking me into believing that the wifi is 
the "active" connection

that sounds like a bug to me that should be investigated.


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