Re: is anyone actually still using WiMAX

On 02/12/2015 12:47 PM, Stuart Gathman wrote:
Am 10.02.2015 um 15:53 schrieb Dan Winship:
Of course this would not affect people using WiMAX via external hotspots
(assuming such people and hotspots still exist).

WiMax by its nature encourages locked, proprietary end points, so it is
primarily used with an external hotspot.  This is not a bad thing - buy
the proprietary hotspot, and you have WiMax internet anywhere in Jordan,
for instance.  But it would be an uphill slog to support directly
connecting to proprietary networks, and I have yet to see an open WiMax

So my 2 cents would be to shelve support until there is WiMax network
that can use it.  (Does anyone know of one operating today?)

The networks themselves are proprietary, but the protocol for
communicating with them is open, just like with GSM/CDMA-based mobile
broadband. If you have certain Intel Wi-Fi chipsets in your laptop (like
the 6250) then, you can connect to WiMAX networks directly, without an
external hotspot. Except, as noted, the driver support is sketchy (last
time I tested it, using WiMAX at all caused Wi-Fi to break completely
until you rebooted), and at least Fedora, Debian, and Ubuntu aren't
building support for it.

(So it's looking like the answer to the original question is: no, no one
will care if we rip out support for it completely.)

-- Dan

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