Re: is anyone actually still using WiMAX

Am 10.02.2015 um 15:53 schrieb Dan Winship:
While taking cheap potshots at WiMAX during, we started
wonder whether anyone would care (or even notice) if we dropped support
for it in NM 1.2, given that:

   - WiMAX seems to be a dying technology

   - the Intel WiMAX driver for Linux has never worked very well, and
     the SDK appears to no longer be supported

   - NM's WiMAX support requires a hacked up version of the Intel
     WiMAX SDK that supports libnl3, which exists only in a git
     repository whose location has never been terribly well
     advertised, suggesting most distros probably don't build it

   - Fedora dropped it a few releases back and there was no uproar

Of course this would not affect people using WiMAX via external hotspots
(assuming such people and hotspots still exist).
WiMax by its nature encourages locked, proprietary end points, so it is primarily used with an external hotspot. This is not a bad thing - buy the proprietary hotspot, and you have WiMax internet anywhere in Jordan, for instance. But it would be an uphill slog to support directly connecting to proprietary networks, and I have yet to see an open WiMax network.

So my 2 cents would be to shelve support until there is WiMax network that can use it. (Does anyone know of one operating today?)

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