Re: trying to use nmcli under cron job question

To all:

In regard to my questions on using nmcli under cron, some more experimentation and logging has shown that storing the password globally is not pertinent to my issue, something else is occurring which I do not understand yet, perhaps a GNOME policy setting.

I have been carefully monitoring the D-Bus messages under normal CLI terminal activation, and it seems that I am going to have to construct some type of D-Bus script to send the correct activation message to the ethernet port, while running under cron.

I am using openSuse 13.2 and Network manager is and the native nm-connection-editor does NOT display any password icon or allow the opportunity to specify the password globally, but I think this is a diversion to the real issue here (but I could be wrong)

The captured D-Bus message to activate the IPV4 port eth0 is 1061 lines, I am very reluctant to post that message to this group.

Can I use this message to construct my own D-Bus message to wake up and activate the IPV4 port?

- A.G.

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