Re: trying to use nmcli under cron job question

On Wed, 2015-12-16 at 18:34 -0800, logical american wrote:
Hello all:

I have been spending the last 2 hours or so trying to fix a problem
the nmcli command when it is running under a system invoked user

Apparently the user keyring is not available to nmcli, and that
needs to be addressed? (if I am understanding things correctly?)

I have tried a simple gnome-keyring script solution (in the archive)
it did not fix my problem. (posted Wed, 12 Dec 2012)

What is the proper way to set up nmcli so it works correctly when 
invoked from both a system crontab job and a user crontab job?

I have a DBUS-session monitor running, and so I can see the failure 
occurring while the cronjob is looping trying to open up the
eth0 IPV4 NIC connection, but don't yet know how to fix this problem.

Every password-setting in NetworkManager can be either

 (0) stored globally
 (1) user-provided by a secret-agent program via D-Bus
     Such a program is nm-applet, nmcli, nmtui, gnome-control-center,
     plasma-nm. Some of those, use the user-keyring to persist the
     password. In principle you can implement your own secret
     provider by implementing the D-Bus API.
 (2) always ask. Similar to (1), but the secret-agent is told not
     to persist the password and always ask for it.

Just configure the password globally (0). See "Secret flag types" in
`man nm-settings`.

Basically, edit the connection to store the password globally. If you
use a recent nm-connection-editor, there is a small icon beside the
password field where you can select this option.


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