Trouble building NetworkManager

Hey Guys,

Having some trouble with building Network Manager on two different distros (Ubuntu and Arch).

On Ubuntu, the error seems to be that it can't find the NetworkManager module in I can do from gi.repository import NetworkManager in a python session from my regular shell, but with the jhbuild shell's python sesison I cannot.

On Arch, it can find the module, however I receive this error instead (again with

gi.repository.NetworkManager object has no attribute 'SettingDcb' seemingly in response to a __getattr call.

When I drop to shell and run make, I get a similar error:

the step GEN settings-docs.c gives the error: ../../libnm-util/nm-setting-docs.xml:98: parser errror: Premature end of data in tag nm-setting-docs line 5

Could very easily be my own fault that I'm encountering these errors although I believe I've done everything correctly.

Thanks for any support you guys can offer. I would really like to get NM to build so I can build the modules it depends on and start hacking at them :)

Chris Shenkan

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