Re: recent update makes me crazy...

On 16 July 2014 17:36, Michael Biebl <biebl debian org> wrote:
Am 16.07.2014 10:59, schrieb Pal, Laszlo:

One of the recent upgrade continuously trying to destroy my brain by
changing my virtual bridge configs...

I don't have a very complicated config, one physical ethernet, one
wireless and five virtual networks for my KVM machines. It was ok for
several months, but after one of the recent update I cannot enable
static addressing for my bridges. If I set-up the interface correctly
(I mean using static address) and I restart NetworkManager my bridge
interfaces are duplicated and NM creates another ones with DHCP
enabled... crazy... I'm not sure if this is because virt-manager or nm
this is why I post on both list

[1] and [2] might be related here.

In the Debian package I currently ship [3], to not make NM manage any
virtual devices, since I saw a similar behaviour as yours (NM tried to
run DHCP on the vbox interfaces).

Hope that helps,


The only solution worked for me is to remove ifcfg files related to
these bridge connections, also I removed the connections from
nm-applet and re-created them (or just recreated by restarting
networkmanager, I'm not sure)
One thing I noticed, in the previous version there was no virtual nic
assigned to bridges, but now I have virb[0..4]-nic for each of them
Anyway, it is working again this is the most important :)

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