Re: Headless VPN connections

On Wed, 2014-07-16 at 02:59 +0200, D.S. Ljungmark wrote:
So, I have now something that works.

it can connect to vpn manually.

Next up, how do I get autoconnect to work? I thought
"connection.autoconnect" was enough, but appearantly that's not the case.

What am I missing? ipv4 + ipv6 network comes up normally as it should.

[[ I did not test this myself, but I think... ]]

connection.autoconnect is ignored by VPN type connections.

What might work for you, is setting the "connection.secondaries" option
of the parent ethernet/wifi-connection. One downside of this is that the
parent connection is not part of the VPN-keyfile that you want to


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