Re: Reload from Config File

On 01/06/2014 12:54 PM, Dan Williams wrote:
Manually modifying ifcfg files is definitely supported, though by
default you'll need to use "nmcli con reload" to tell NetworkManager
that you've made a change directly.  (Alternatively, NM can
automatically notice changes if you set "monitor-connection-files=yes"
in the [main] section of NetworkManager.conf).

I just tried this and works like a charm!  I had no idea about this
option.  Thanks.

NetworkManager 0.9 and later try to be better team players in the
system, and will read the existing configuration from a network
interface on startup and use that as a "runtime" connection.  Which is
why your restart didn't apply that changed configuration, because NM
picked up the interface's existing configuration.

To apply changes that you've made, either through the GUI tools or
through direct editing of config files, or through nmcli, you want to do
a "reconnect" cycle:

nmcli dev disconnect em1
nmcli con up my-new-em1

Ok, I removed the monitor-connection-files' option and bounced the
service and then modified the ifcfg-* file and tried the above commands
but it doesn't work.  It doesn't pick-up the changes.  I even tried:

nmcli con down my-new-em1
nmcli dev disconnect em1
nmcli con up my-new-em1
nmcli con reload

...but still the same problem.

Is there any missing command to perform the proper reconnect cycle?


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