Reload from Config File

Hello again,

I created a connection with this:

nmcli con add con-name my-new-em1 ifname em1 type ethernet ip4 gw4

Then I opened the Network Manager GUI and changed to that connection.  I
double checked with "ifconfig em1" and indeed I had 192168.69.101 as my ip.

I then went ahead and manually modified
/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-my-new-em1 and changed the ip to  Then I tried "systemctl restart NetworkManager" but
ifconfig still shows the old ip.  Shouldn't a restart of NetworkManager
pick-up the changes on the ifcfg file?  Or is there a proper way to
reload the configuration with nmcli?  I tried "nmcli c reload" but
didn't work.  Is manually modifying the ifcfg-* files discouraged?


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