Re: [network manger] : overriding default IPv4 routing.

On Fri, 2013-12-27 at 20:27 +0530, Manoj Manthena wrote:
Hi All,

I have the following problem scenario.

1) Currently connected my desktop to a wireless access point.(active connection is wlan0)
2) As soon as I connect a usb tethered device/ethernet , network manager selects usb0/eth0 as the default 
for IPv4 routing and DNS.

Currently using of network manager.

I would like to override this behavior. Please let me know how I could do that.
Is there any [keyfile] tag which can be added in NetworkManager.conf so that my default IPv4 device is 
always wlan0?

I came across 


but is there anything like 


There is no such key at this time.  This is because it's typically more
robust to indicate which configurations should *not* get the default
route than to indicate that one particular configuration should always
get it, because...

For example, if your wlan0 is not connected, then the configuration does
not apply, and any other configuration which is not marked never-default
will receive the default route.  This is likely not what you intend.  If
wlan0 does not exist (device removed, driver removed, or device
physically changed) then the configuration will not apply, and any other
configuration can receive the default route.

What is your specific use-case here?  Do you want all configurations
except wlan0 banned from receiving the default route, even when wlan0 is
missing or disconnected?  Do you create/remove configurations often in
this setup?


so that i will add it under my /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/ configurations 

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