Re: [network manger] : overriding default IPv4 routing.

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Subject: [network manger] : overriding default IPv4 routing.

Hi All,

I have the following problem scenario.

1) Currently connected my desktop to a wireless access point.(active
connection is wlan0)
2) As soon as I connect a usb tethered device/ethernet , network manager
selects usb0/eth0 as the default for IPv4 routing and DNS.

Currently using of network manager.

I would like to override this behavior. Please let me know how I could do
Is there any [keyfile] tag which can be added in NetworkManager.conf so that
my default IPv4 device is always wlan0?

Please see:

It doesn't distinguish IPv4/IPv6, though, so you are welcome to comment there if that is important to you.



I came across


but is there anything like


so that i will add it under my /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/


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