IPv6 and IP in parallel

Hi folks,

I am running IP and IPv6 in parallel on a test network.

        IP:     DHCP (isc-dhcp)
        IPv6:   rtadvd on openBSD (using "M")
                stateless DHCP6 (isc-dhcp)

Problem: network-manager (, as provided by Debian)
sets up the IPv6 network, but the IP network is ignored. The
log file on the dhcp server shows me the client's link local
address for stateless DHCPv6, but no DHCPDISCOVER for the
client's mac address.

If I drop network-manager and use /etc/network/interfaces

        auto eth0
        iface eth0 inet dhcp
        iface eth0 inet6 auto

then both IP and IPv6 networks are setup as expected.

Next step is to go back to n-m: Now the IP network is setup,
too. (I would guess its because of the leases file.)

Since a lot of services are not available on IPv6 yet, I
wonder how I could tell n-m to setup an IP network as well?

Every helpful hint is highly appreciated

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