Re: NM: git HEAD breaks (wifi plugin not available), Debian source works

Thanks for the patch, it looks good.

On 20/08/14 09:56 AM, Thomas Haller wrote:
On Tue, 2014-08-19 at 23:25 -0700, d wk wrote:
I suppose it may be a security risk to allow plugin files from any user
(even though the plugin directory should have restrictive permissions);
in that case, perhaps files owned by uid 0 or the current user should be

the "current user" is always root, because you cannot run NM as

True, but I can install it as a local user to run tests (or I used to be
able to, before this change). It seems like a reasonable thing to want
to do, especially when playing around with multiple NM versions. The
reason I didn't want to run ``make install' as root is because the
install actually tries to delete and re-create the following file:

This happens even when a prefix is set. I didn't want to mess up my
local known-good install of NetworkManager, so I ran ``make install -k''
as my local user instead (so the install succeeds, with the exception of
modifying /lib).

So perhaps another fix is needed here, to fix the configure scripts in
case a local prefix is specified; or add a flag to configure to allow
local installs of NetworkManager (which would disable modifying /lib and
maybe disable the check-if-file-owned-by-root check for plugins). I
think the documentation should describe how to run multiple NM versions.

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