Re: Automatic connect.

On 08/05/2014 04:43 AM, Simon Geard wrote:
On Mon, 2014-08-04 at 13:35 -0500, Dan Williams wrote:
NetworkManager will only connect to wifi networks which the user (or
some client) has told NetworkManager to previously connect to, as a
security measure.  However, if you'd like get this behavior, you can
write a small client that watches the scan list advertised by NM and
then creates a temporary connection for any unprotected network.  I'm
happy to explain more on this if you'd like.
Of course, just because a network is "unprotected", doesn't mean it's
usable. Most unsecured APs I see these days are the kind where you need
to enter a password (or accept terms and conditions, etc) through a web
page, and there's not a lot of value in auto-connecting to such a
I've been able to write scripts that run when auto-connecting to such networks. For instance, to auto-promise that I won't do anything illegal on the library network, in /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/ I put:



#echo '----------------'     >>/tmp/nmlog
#date     >>/tmp/nmlog
#id    >>/tmp/nmlog
#echo $* >>/tmp/nmlog
#env    >>/tmp/nmlog

if [[ "$conn_uuid" == "$ffxlib_uuid" ]]; then
  case "$event" in
  up)    cd /tmp
    wget -Y 0
    wget -Y 0 --post-data \
'buttonClicked=4&err_flag=0&err_msg=&info_flg=0&info_msg=&Submit=Accept&redirect_url=start%2efedoraproject%2eorg' \

It would be difficult if not impossible to auto-create such scripts for arbitrary click throughs. However, I've noticed that most click throughs (where no password is required, but you promise not to break the law) are from a small number of router engines, with added window dressing corporate logo, and advertising. It might be possible to recognize these and auto-promise (of course, NM should first ask the user to pinkie promise not to break the law on *any* network so auto-connected).

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