Re: Network Manager crashes after a configuration is added and a connection is attempted.

On Thu, 3 Jul 2014, Chris Hessing wrote:

Nope, the patch didn't seem to fix it.  I am seeing the same log
output.   I also double checked the Network Manager -V output, and it is
"" which appears to be the version you wanted
me to test.

I'm also still getting a crash in this call on NetworkManager on Ubuntu 14.04, even after applying the patch from this thread. I think there's one more mistake in the code: dbus-glib expects GTypes, so we need to pass G_TYPE_STRING, not DBUS_TYPE_STRING. See the attached patch.

I'm not able to reliably reproduce this (probably something else I'm doing wrong that's causing NM to use blobs sometimes and files sometimes). I'll run with this for a while and see if it solves the issue, but Chris, I'd be interested in knowing if this fixes the crash for you.

Geoffrey Thomas
gthomas mokafive com

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