WiFi: Problem with Entreprise networks (with multiple routers)


Firstly, thank you for developing and maintaining NetworkManager!

I'm using NetworkManager on my campus' WiFi (WPA2 Enterprise with PEAP
and MSCHAPv2) and I've a problem only with this network: after a few
time, I'm disconnected or I'm still connected but I can no longer ping a
random server.

Note I'm not the only one which is using NM and which has this problem.
I don't have any other OS on my computer but it seems there are less
problem when using another OS (e.g. MacOSX) or another network manager
(e.g. Wicd).

I suspect that NM often switches from a router to another one (there are
always a few WiFi routers around me with the same name and using the
same network) and my drivers, my WiFi card and/or the routers/network
don't support that.
If I'm just next to a router (when the signal level is ~100%), it seems
that I don't have this problem.
Also, I think that my WiFi driver doesn't detect very well the
quality/signal level of non connected routers (many routers have a
signal level of 100% even if they are not next to me).

Is there a way to configure NM to be "less aggressive" when switching
between routers? (e.g. only switch if we're about to be disconnected and
not just to have the router with the higher signal level?)
Or an option to just disable this feature?
(I didn't find any option about that, sorry if I miss something!)

Or do you have any ideas to know what's the problem exactly?



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