Query regarding changing (spoofing) MAC address in RHEL 6

Hi all.

First of all, I am a bit unsure on exactly who to ask; so my apologies for cross-posting :-\

We are trying to change the MAC-address on a RHEL6 machine, and have tried the various RHEL6-specific steps (available on the internet) to do the same.
The end result is that we are able to change the MAC address, but thereafter, all incoming and outgoing network packets are dropped.

If we revert the MAC address to the "original" one, all incoming/outcoming packets navigate fine.

Keeping aside any moral constraints :P, is it possible at all to "spoof" a MAC address on RHEL6?
  Note that, we were successfully able to a "spoof" MAC address on RHEL5.

Any help from the experts will be greatly appreciated :)

Looking forward to a reply.

Thanks and Regards,

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