Re: 3G Modem DHCP time out


Thanks Olaf, that's exactly what I've done and it's working perfectly well.



Le 25/09/2013 16:40, Olaf Schulz a écrit :

I found another option to avoid the problem you observed on

..."by adding a file "/etc/modprobe.d/avoid-mbim.conf" with content:

  options cdc_ncm prefer_mbim=N

This helped me in this case.


# Emmanuel Riboulet-Deyris schrieb am 27.03.2013 um 23:26 h

Thank's a lot Bjørn for pointing me this bug report. It appears that
it's exactly the bug I'm encountering (on the same laptop by the way).

I'm very far away from being an expert about that, but if I understand,
the simplest way to make thinks work currently with a 3.8.x kernel would
be to rebuild my kernel with the key CONFIG_USB_NET_CDC_MBIM set to "n".
Is that correct ?

Thanks again,


Le 26/03/2013 17:45, Bjørn Mork a écrit :
This may be a problem introduced with the cdc_mbim driver in Linux
3.8. The problem is that we don't have userspace support for it yet.

See for more details.

Ben Hutchins suggested that ModemManager could include a modprobe.d
*.conf snippet setting ncm as preferred until the MBIM support is
ready. But this might not be so easy as long as you need a 3.8.5 or
newer kernel to have this option...

Ideas are welcome.


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