Re: Connect to different wired networks in different "situations".

On Sun, 2013-11-10 at 09:23 +0400, Лежанкин Иван wrote:

I have two configured networks, both have "connect automatically"
flags. One of them uses 802.1x Security settings, and another is a
simple auto-dhcp. I want to auto-connect to the secured one in office,
and to the simple one at home. Both of connections may work in office,
and only auto-dhcp connection works at home - the secured one fails.

So, can I achieve somehow such behavior on the latest version of NetworkManager?

At the moment this isn't so easy, but we've long discussed ways to make
this happen.  In the 802.1x case, the switch *may* send an
802.1x-specific frame which NM could use to detect which connection to
start automatically.  In the auto-DHCP case, we have discussed adding an
option to the connection settings for an IP address to ARP, or some
other host's MAC address to probe.  This would only ever be an opt-in
setting though, since it's quite easy to spoof MAC addresses.  So, short
answer, you're not able to do this now without some custom scripting.


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