Re: AW: pppd gets no IP during dial-in with Sierra MC7710 qmi

On Mon, 2013-03-11 at 08:50 +0100, Bjørn Mork wrote:
Andreas Schigold <andreas schigold blankom de> writes:

Marius Kotsbak <marius kotsbak com> writes:
Den 08. mars 2013 14:59, skrev Bjørn Mork:
Marius Kotsbak <marius kotsbak com> writes:
Den 08. mars 2013 13:07, skrev Bjørn Mork:
Or does it working just with the QMI-WWAN driver via the 
file? To make the libqmi useable makes a lot of work since I need 
some other libs as prerequisite for this. At this moment they are 
not included in the buildroot-project.
The MC7710 is fully usable with PPP so you don't need QMI if you 
can live with the speed penalty.

My experience is that it does not work with just AT commands when it 
is in QMI mode, so I would instead look into libqmi.

PPP works fine in QMI mode. AT!SCACT etc does not.

I refer to usage of Network-/Modem manager. It might be that they use 
some features not available in QMI mode.

Ah, right, I should check the context before replying :)


Now you lost me :(
Should pppd with AT-commands can connect with this modem and firmware or can't it?

ppp can connect, but maybe not with ModemManager.  I'll have to trust
Marius on that.  Haven't tried...

Currently with ModemManager, if we have a device that is driven by
sierra_net or qmi_wwan, then MM expects that the network port is usable,
and will not try PPP.  That's because sierra_net and qmi_wwan provide
the ethernet interfaces, and those should always be used in preference
to PPP as they are more reliable.  (note, secondary bearers, when we get
them, will use PPP in many cases)

So basically if you're using ModemManager, you either:

1) use QMI/sierra_net and figure out why the ethernet port isn't
working, because it should be working


2) remove the QMI and Sierra plugins and let the Generic plugin handle
the device, which will only use PPP


If it can't work:
Do I need definitively libqmi or must the gobi-lib work too?

I know the network-manager from my Debian-desktop-PC. But at this
embedded system I have no X-server. Is it working too? Or do I have to
analyze the source to develop my own programm?

NetworkManager and ModemManager are dbus-based daemons and should work
fine on embedded systems.  See e.g Aleksanders work on OpenWRT:

Another question: Is it important for dialin-procedure if I have an
access-point with LTE or UMTS? Or does it no matter? - except speed of
course ;)

Does not matter.  The firmware hides the configuration differences.
You'll see them if you start messing with the radio network QoS
settings, but most users won't care about those.

Speed is the second goal. The first goal is to get it working. At this
moment we use the AT91Sam9G20 which have just USB 1.1. The plan is to
upgrade later to the ~G25 with USB 2.0. Only then a faster solution is
needed, but then we have more time.

In my very limited experimenting I could never get more than ~8Mbits/s
uplink with PPP.  I get >30 Mbits/s up using the same MC7710 card with
any of the supported network interface protocols (DirectIP, QMI, MBIM).

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