Re: pppd gets no IP during dial-in with Sierra MC7710 qmi

Den 08. mars 2013 14:59, skrev Bjørn Mork:
Marius Kotsbak <marius kotsbak com> writes:
Den 08. mars 2013 13:07, skrev Bjørn Mork:
Or does it working just with the QMI-WWAN driver via the /dev/cdc-wdm
file? To make the libqmi useable makes a lot of work since I need some
other libs as prerequisite for this. At this moment they are not
included in the buildroot-project.
The MC7710 is fully usable with PPP so you don't need QMI if you can
live with the speed penalty.

My experience is that it does not work with just AT commands when it
is in QMI mode, so I would instead look into libqmi.

PPP works fine in QMI mode. AT!SCACT etc does not.

I refer to usage of Network-/Modem manager. It might be that they use some features not available in QMI mode.


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