Re: [MM/QMI] Unable to select firmware when there is no SIM

Do you have any preference/suggestion on how we should approach this problem? I guess we may need to add additional checks in the code where it currently assumes a modem object in a fully initialized state.

- Ben

On Sun, Jan 6, 2013 at 3:10 AM, Aleksander Morgado <aleksander lanedo com> wrote:
Hey hey Ben,

> I encounter an issue with firmware selection on my Novatel Gobi 3000
> (E396) modem. When the UMTS firmware is initially selected and there is
> no SIM card inserted, ModemManager can't fully initialize the modem and
> firmware interface, which prevents me from selecting the CDMA firmware.
> Is it possible to continue the initialization of the modem and firmware
> interface when the SIM check fails?

I guess we can allow that, yes. The modem itself would be in 'failed'
state when there is no SIM though; the only thing we have to do is to
let the Firmware interface get initialized even if we're in 'failed' state.


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