Re: AW: Problems with Sierra MC 8790V and wrong primary port

On 02/25/2013 01:53 PM, Gerald Richter - ECOS wrote:
Before we started to use network-manager we used a self made script (which only supports the ppp interface) 
and if I remember correctly, we always used the lowest ttyUSB Port as primary in case there was no other 
setup known for a card. This had worked for us very well.

In git master/0.7.x we can very easily handle this, i.e. if no port
marked as primary, look for the lowest tty number or just assume APP1
will be the primary port. In 0.6.x, though, the logic to handle this at
plugin level is a bit tougher, as there is no common context between the
ports of the same device, they're probed, checked for support and
grabbed independently, IIRC.


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