Re: Sierra Wireless 330u modem does not register

On 02/18/2013 12:21 PM, Dan Williams wrote:
On Mon, 2013-02-18 at 11:18 -0600, Dan Williams wrote:
On Mon, 2013-02-18 at 06:39 -0500, Shawn J. Goff wrote:
On 02/18/2013 06:23 AM, Aleksander Morgado wrote:
I have an ARM device that I'm trying to make use a Sierra Wireless 330U
to connect to Bell Canada. I'm working on getting ModemManager on the
device, but I'm fighting cross-compilation issues.

Until then, I'm trying to connect it manually and I'm having trouble.

First, when putting the modem in a Windows laptop or a Cradlepoint
device, it registers and connects almost immediately, so the SIM is fine
and it's in a serviceable area. Also, this device works with other
modems, including the very similar Sierra Wireless 313U, so the USB port
is fine.
The modem is not registering with the network. +CEREG? gives 0,2 (or I
can set CEREG=2 to get notifications, and it gives me 2,2). +CREG and
+CGREG also give me a 2.
+CFUN is 1. Setting it to 0 and back to 1 doesn't cause it to register.
+CPIN? returns "+CPIN: READY", which (I believe) means it doesn't need a
PIN for the SIM.
The APN is setup as either or (I'm trying both)
using +CGDCONT in context id 1; there is no username or password needed.
(although I don't think this stuff matters - it should register anyway)
Attempting to attach to the packet service using AT+CGATT=1 just hangs
for a while before returning OK.

First: do you have your antenna connected? :)

Second: Maybe try to tell the modem to connect to the home network? If
using minicom to talk to the modem directly, use:
if using MM git master with mmcli you can use:
     $> mmcli -m # --3gpp-register-home
It shouldn't need an external antenna if it connects with no problem on
the laptop.

Ah, it's a USB modem already, thought it was a minipci device.

+COPS=0 returns OK and it still never registers.
+COPS=? gives back just a list of forbidden operators as follows; I
don't see any available operators.

Weird, did you try the same command from the Windows laptop where you
can connect? Just wondering if you get an allowed operator listed there.

I'm not able to do that on the Windows laptop (at least not right now -
it's an on-site tech out there who would need to install some terminal
program to do this)

I agree it's strange; this is the first device I've seen that didn't
just register with a network automatically.
So clearly you're near a border, and you can't register with T-Mobile or
AT&T because your SIM is a Bell one right?

It's quite odd that you don't see Bell HSPA networks.  Can you see them
with the 313u which should support the same UMTS bands?

Also, try forcing the modem to LTE All with AT!BAND and see what it
comes up with.

Also, does any of this band stuff here work?
Accidentally sent, but:

*DONT* do any set commands, just get commands, so we can see what the
band masks and such are.


Okay, the guy operating the device wasn't clear. By "connect" he meant the light on the modem turned blue (which should mean that it registered), not that he actually had a working connection. He didn't actually try to connect because he didn't want to install the weird connection manager software. He also didn't make sure the Cradlepoint device was working - he just saw the blue light on the modem.

The modem has been shipped off to where it will be deployed, so it's out of my hands for now. I'll keep poking at it after it arrives at the site. It's very possible that he was just in a strange area and the distance from the laptop to where the device was is just enough to not let it see the network. I'm really hoping that's the case since it makes sense. And I suspect that if he did try to connect, he'd find the connection pretty spotty.

Thanks for your help.

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