Re: Sierra Wireless 330u modem does not register

I have an ARM device that I'm trying to make use a Sierra Wireless 330U
to connect to Bell Canada. I'm working on getting ModemManager on the
device, but I'm fighting cross-compilation issues.

Until then, I'm trying to connect it manually and I'm having trouble.

First, when putting the modem in a Windows laptop or a Cradlepoint
device, it registers and connects almost immediately, so the SIM is fine
and it's in a serviceable area. Also, this device works with other
modems, including the very similar Sierra Wireless 313U, so the USB port
is fine.
The modem is not registering with the network. +CEREG? gives 0,2 (or I
can set CEREG=2 to get notifications, and it gives me 2,2). +CREG and
+CGREG also give me a 2.
+CFUN is 1. Setting it to 0 and back to 1 doesn't cause it to register.
+CPIN? returns "+CPIN: READY", which (I believe) means it doesn't need a
PIN for the SIM.
The APN is setup as either or (I'm trying both)
using +CGDCONT in context id 1; there is no username or password needed.
(although I don't think this stuff matters - it should register anyway)
Attempting to attach to the packet service using AT+CGATT=1 just hangs
for a while before returning OK.

First: do you have your antenna connected? :)

Second: Maybe try to tell the modem to connect to the home network? If
using minicom to talk to the modem directly, use:
if using MM git master with mmcli you can use:
  $> mmcli -m # --3gpp-register-home


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