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I've been quite busy last week so it took me some time to update my Network Manager setup to the latest git revision, reproduce the bug, investigate, and change the patches. Tonight I've added 3 comments to the coredump backtrace of the assertion failure I get, an analysis of what's going wrong in NM and a patch which updates 0001-service-pass-IPv6-related-information-to-NM.patch. I've tested this new patch with my OpenVPN server and it is working fine: IPv6 "Internal Point-to-Point Address" (NM_VPN_PLUGIN_IP6_CONFIG_PTP) seems to be useless here.

By the way, OpenConnect VPN plugin may have the same bug because also uses NM_VPN_PLUGIN_IP6_CONFIG_PTP, but I don't know what's better between removing code in every VPN plugin (like I did) or patching NetworkManager to ignore this option which is not supported by libnl.



PS: my patches are also available on GitHub,

2013/12/18 Tore Anderson <tore fud no>:
> * Tore Anderson
>> I'm working on setting up a test VPN server where I can reproduce it and
>> generate a backtrace to share (I don't dare to do that towards my
>> employer's VPN server).
> Ok, so now I have a dual-stacked OpenVPN test server running and I've
> reproduced the problem there. It's all F20 RPMs, except that Nicolas
> Iooss' patches was applied on top of NetworkManager-openvpn[-gnome].
> I've attached the backtrace that ABRT grabbed after the crash happened.
> In case you or anyone else want to reproduce it, the test server is
> (, 2a02:c0:1001:100::145), port 1194/tcp, LZO
> compression enabled. It pushes two routes: and
> 2001:db8:1::/64. and 2001:db8:1::1 should respond to pings
> via the tunnel. Use the sample certificates included with OpenVPN - also
> available at along with the server's
> config file. Prebuilt F20 RPMs of NetworkManager-openvpn[-gnome] with
> the IPv6 patches applied are also found there.
> Tpre
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