Re: IPv6 in network-manager-openvpn

* Dan Williams

ERROR:platform/nm-linux-platform.c:2212:build_rtnl_addr: assertion failed: (!nle)

Is that with NM git master, and if so, what date?  The reason I ask is
because we broke PtP addresses until 2013-12-02, fixed in commit
f099a04132241790c8f88a651ece49f5c2783d12.  The error you're getting may
well be the kernel complaining that it cannot reach the static route,
because it knows nothing about the next hop, because the PtP address
wasn't assigned correctly.

The F20 RPM: NetworkManager-

I'll try applying f099a04132241790c8f88a651ece49f5c2783d12 on top of it
and will report back. Thanks!


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