Re: Disabling ip4 and IPV6 on F20RC1

Hi Pavel,

But if link local still remains where is the difference between
disabling IPV6 or enabling and choosing link local configuration only ?
In released versions of NetworkManager, there isn't any possibility to disable IPv6 link-local addresses. In 
fact it's not properly supported even in the kernel.

The kernel is forcing me in running an IP-stack on every network interface ?

What if I need an ethernet interface for running FibreChannel over Ethernet oder Audio over Ethernet (AoE) in Ardour/Jack ?

In such cases I would not need/want any TCPIP-stuff on this interface.

If there is an active IP-stack, I think the rfc requires a link local address. Surely the kernel can disable a specific protocol for a network interface.

And I think the network manager gui is designed in exactly this way. On a global scale I can switch on/off complete protocoll stacks for an interface. If this i activated, I can drill down to the specific details and configure link local, dhcpv6, manual, ...

cu roaml

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