Disabling ip4 and IPV6 on F20RC1


my system has a built in ethernet interface wich is working perfectly
fine on IPV4 and IPV6.

I added a second interface via usb for wiresharking some stuff (this way
I don't get my own traffic in the packet dumps).

I don't want or need an IP-stack on this second interface.

In network manager there is on top of the IPV4 and IPV6 config pages an
on/off button.

For IPV4 this buttons seems to have no effect at all. It's off-position
is not even saved when applying or closing the dialog.

For IPV6 something happens. All addresses except local link are deleted,
no DNS and routing.

But if link local still remains where is the difference between
disabling IPV6 or enabling and choosing link local configuration only ?

Did I missunderstand the gui and the on/off buttons have some other
effect ? Or is it simply broken ?

cu romal

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